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Update: 25.11.2015

Another new song


This time you can listen the song "Mala a ztracena" from our new album Adrenalinum.



"Adrenalin" is another taste of the new album Adrenalinum. All what you need is to click on play icon on the jukebox on the left.

Svatý grál


"Svatý grál" is another taste of the new album Adrenalinum. All what you need is to click on play icon on the jukebox on the left.

ikona info

A new song "Jedna krev"


Arakain and Dymytry worked together and new song "Jedna krev" is the result. (Music:  Jiří Urban a Jiří Urban ml.; lyrics: Michail Fabien a Jan Protheus Macků).

Bi-tour ARAKAIN & DYMYTRY is comming


plakát Arakain Dymytry Tour

After three weeks, has sold half the load of the limited-edition CD


ikona info

As you probably noticed here on the site, from 9 January you can order the new CD, t-shirts and concert tickets at competitive prices. Now, three weeks after you have purchased half the cost of a new limited edition CD DIGI PACK version, and there is still a month until the official start of sales. Feel free to order and beyond.

It also missed two newly added shows the Slovak Republic. It will Zilina (March 31) and Banská Bystrica (May 8). A complete breakdown in the Tour section.

Arakain is finishing a new album and preparing to tour

CD Homo Sapiens..?

The first song is in our Jukebox left side of this page!

The band is just finishing a new CD called Homo Sapiens ..?  The CD will be presented at the upcoming spring concerts.

Homo Sapiens CD ..? is a continuation of successful albums Restart. The songs are built on the firm base with a superstructure of melodic expression, characteristic for a wide range of Honza Toužimský.

The songs that are uncompromising cogently points in three minutes they can sweep the listener, sometimes tips over into fragile part arrangements in the arcades, you'd expect at Arakain. Let the song of Homo Sapiens, Forsage, Strážnej anděl or Babylon and further proof!


CD ARAKAIN Homo sapiens ..? in shop


CD, vstupenka a trikoUnder favorable conditions, you can pre-order from tomorrow, the new CD .. Homo Sapiens? from the original limited edition. For the first time in the history of the luxurious design DIGI-PACK.

In Arakain shop starts selling limited edition is already January 10th, 2011 at 08:00. In the order as orders come in you have on your CD serial number. The sale will be only 999 CDs. You will also benefit packages in the CD and purchase tickets to any concert, the price of only CZK 200 CDs, when you purchase CDs, tickets and T-shirts from the new collection will be a sensational new CD for CZK 150.



Ticket 2011Buy a ticket in Arakain e-shop

ARAKAIN Tour 2011 will take two and a half months and will count to thirty concerts. With great interest among tour organizers and surpassing the year's biggest concert line from previous years.

The premiere will be on 4th March 2011 in the traditional spot at the chateau Polná near Jihlava, the last concert held on the 21st May in Živančice at Parbubice. Fans will not be deprived nor in other parts of the CR, the band behind them come to for example Plzeň, Most, Kolín, Česká Lípa, Domažlice Vsetin, Jablonec nad Nisou and Prostejov. CD will be baptized at the end of March in Brno and Prague a month later.

It will also feature guests who are now three. The tour will pass along with Arakain formation of Vsetín - Ascendancy. This is a promising young melodic metal band that formed only in the summer of 2009. During its short existence managed to issue an EP The Primacy of Reason, which was very well received. As Arakain on tour will showcase their new and first CD. Other guests who will be rotated to the concerts Prague Merlin, led by the charismatic Dan Horyna. They will present their current album Tibet. Another party, which comes from České Budějovice, is the trio Menhir. The band will introduce fans to his current misfortunes feat.

A complete schedule and other information are in the Tour section on the web. Tickets are available in e-shop.

ikona infoArakain wishes...


Thank you for your support this year and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2011.

In the following year to see you again looking forward to the concerts and other events. Among other things, you'll get our new CD, which will be our spring tour of the Czech Republic. You can look forward to many more events.

PF 2011

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